Onguard Engine Oil is currently awarding valuable Dealerships to qualified applicants across the United States and in other countries. Onguard Engine Oil Dealers receive initial and ongoing assistance including, customer referrals, marketing support, sales training, technical scientific publications, product brochures, custom business cards, product decals, business set up assistance, national advertising campaigns, eighty plus company sponsored Onguard racing teams, and earn profits by selling our products. Their Profits range from thirty to fifty percent! You control the selling prices of our products which you if approved will purchase at low wholesale prices.

There is no investment required. There is no purchase of any inventory required to become an Onguard Engine Oil Products Dealer providing you can meet our new Dealer requirements. Awarding a Dealership is determined solely by us. We will do that after you complete and submit the Dealership Application below and we have an opportunity to consider your Application.

Dealers can buy and maintain an inventory or not. Each Dealer determines that. Sales made can be shipped directly to a Dealer’s customers from our warehouse or to the Dealers home or business.  Dealers who purchase and maintain some inventory on hand do make more sales due to the convenience to promptly supply their customers.

If this is something you would like to consider further – simply complete and submit the application below. This opportunity is available for a limited time only in many cities. Dealerhips are no longer available where the number of onguard engine oil dealers, in our opinion, in any city, is now adequate.