10 W 40 Premium Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (JASO MA-2)

Specially formulated for motorcycle engines.

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Onguard 10 W 40 Premium Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is specifically designed to prolong engine and wet clutch life, offer excellent feel, smoother transmission shifting, easy starts, improved fuel economy and superior performance. Onguard 10 W 40 uses a state-of-the-art additive package that has been designed and tested to provide excellent wear protection, prevention from rust and oxidation, optimal clutch performance and maintain proper frictional characteristics as required by the current JASO MA2 standard.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 9.5 in
About Our Formulas

Our lubricants are formulated and designed to include synthetic components that help provide more consistent viscosity, benefiting today’s high-tech engines and “classic” engines as well. Onguard formulas always include state-of-the-art synthetic lubricating agents that are far better for engines than conventional oils to reduce bearing loads, oil drag, oil contamination and unnecessary power losses. Onguard formulations protect internal engine metals while improving power and mileage. Onguard Engine Oils are an excellent choice for on-the-highway vehicles, providing both oil and fuel mileage enhancement. This also applies to off-road vehicles and severe racing applications. Onguard Engine Oil products are compatible with all conventional oils and synthetic engine oils.


Onguard Engine Oil, Inc. does not warranty any of its products to be fit for any specific purposes, uses or applications. Each vehicle engine manufacturers’ published lubrication recommendations and/or the vehicle’s maintenance mechanic should be consulted and followed when selecting engine oil.