Racing Sponsorship


Sponsorship has its Privileges

Many types of full-time, professional racers with winning records, receive various forms of support from oil companies and other brands in exchange for product advertising. The OnGuard Racing Sponsorship Program expands on this time-honored racing tradition with considerable benefits.

Racing Sponsorship

Whether you are a racing hobbyist actively engaged in racing as a personal pursuit, or are a full-time, professional racer, OnGuard provides qualified racers a sponsorship designed to reduce racing costs in exchange for advertising agreements.

Our program provides measurable benefits to each sponsored racer, OnGuard Engine Oil and each of our employees.


The Benefits of Sponsorship

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Approved sponsored racers receive a confidential, OnGuard Products Purchasing Agreement for OnGuard racing oil lubricants. Our agreement allows each racer to buy motor oil products at extremely discounted prices. OnGuard sponsored racers may also receive awards, cash and free products as compensation when placing in a top spot at racing events using OnGuard products.

Please fill out the Sponsorship Application below to see if you are eligible. Call us at 928.237.9597, or email us using our Contact Form if you want to know more about the OnGuard Sponsor family or to find out more information.


OnGuard Engine Oil Racing Sponsorship Requirements


Sponsored racers must place OnGuard Engine Oil decals on their race vehicle(s), race trailer(s) and tow vehicle(s).


Racers must provide pictures of OnGuard Engine Oil decals on their vehicles and trailers.


OnGuard Engine Oil is permitted to advertise the racer as OnGuard sponsored.


Racing Sponsorship agreements may be renewed annually after OnGuard review.

OnGuard Engine Oil Racing Sponsorship Application

To apply for an Onguard Engine Oil Racing Sponsorship, please answer ALL of the following questions. Click “submit” when done. An OnGuard representative will contact you soon after we process your application. If necessary, we may have additional questions which may or may not require a phone interview.

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Racing Engines require Racing Oils

Engines built for racing deserve serious lubrication. Ordinary street oils don’t provide the performance, wear resistance and thermal protection of racing oil. Sustained high-speed driving results in higher oil temperatures than those reached in normal driving conditions – so racing engines require a synthetic oil formulation that contains high-quality base oils and additional friction modifiers.

Onguard racing oil will increase power and torque, help the engine run cooler and use less fuel.

Learn more about our full synthetic racing oil products.