VERN C. – Flat out this is just AMAZING oil. I own an older 1995 V-6 Isuzu Rodeo that I purchased brand new. I love my truck, but it has an annoying hydraulic lifter tick that started at about 80K miles. . my rodeo now has 176k miles. I have tried every type of oil brand in both regular and synthetic oil along with various oil additives and the tick never goes away. I started using this oil a few months ago and I am amazed that the tick has gone away completely. Keep in mind, I am only using Onguard Synthetic Oil with no additives. I did some research and the reason Onguard Engine Oil works so well is because of the proprietary mixture that is simply amazing. You really should try this oil. You will not be disappointed.

BRUCE MANZKE – I currently use the Onguard 15 W 40 diesel oil in my Dodge Ram Cummins and I can HONESTLY say my truck runs smoother, gets better gas mileage, and extends my drain intervals. In fact, I like this oil so much I recently purchased a 55 gallon drum of it! Great oil, will use nothing else.